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Simpleton Clutch Control

$95.00 / Sold Out

FACE IT!!! Your HD Evo controls are huge and suck ass. Aftermarket controls are too "billety" and $$$$. Fortunately for you and me, there is a better and cleaner solution.

This here is the Simpleton Clutch. It provides the same function but half the size. It includes a strong 7075 Aluminum clevis pin and a handmade stainless perch strap-style clamp. All this for 100 mangos.

OPTIONS: Chrome/Black Perch/ polished Ball-End Moto lever
Chrome/Black Perch/ polished Blade lever

You can't go wrong. Retain your stock loop-style cable, eliminate your bar switches and simplify your life. No more trying to braze a new ferrule onto your cable and having it break 1,000 miles from home. Simple, clean and works great. Simpleton.