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Simpleton Brake Master Cylinder

$145.00 / On Sale

********1/2"bore Master Cylinder for 1" bars*********
The search is now over for good looking. moderately priced hand-controls for your classic or modern HD chop, mod, bob, or sob. These units are for most single disc applications (most 2-piston aftermarket and stock 4-piston Evo single disc, excluding older style Banana calipers which require more fluid and should just be thrown in the trash.

Pictured is a brand new Grimeca 1/2" bore Master cylinder with a ball end moto style lever. I replaced all hardware with stainless bolts and now comes with 10mm x1.25 banjo bolt, brake switch and extra rebuild kit.

They're half the size of a stock MC and not flashy or overstated with a matching price tag. These are bored for 1" bars and priced right or 7/8ths for metrics.

For bleeding instructions, check out the video in the top right corner of my blog JPRIDERDESIGNS.BLOGSPOT.COM