$150.00 - $350.00

ASV HD Hand Control Set 1/2" MC and Clutch

ASV HD Hand Control Set 1/2" MC and Clutch
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For all you wanting the ultimate in style, great price and performance, this is it. Set includes both master cylinder and clutch side ready to install. These utilize the same 1/2" Master Cylinder as in the Simpleton controls (for single caliper) but with the famous "unbreakable" ASV moto style F4 lever.

The clutch side is an ASV F4 perch perfectly modified to fit all stock HD Evo/Twin cam clutch cables (the large loop style) and includes the 7075 domed pin for an easy install.

These are available in 7/8ths and 1" bar sizes. Color is Black only. There are
4 options for you to choose wisely from. Note you will need separate Throttle housing and will fit our switch perches (available separately).

Last two options are for the clutch side only if not using a front brake. Enjoy!!

***Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time*****