Bloody Knuckle Pull Start

Bloody Knuckle Pull Start
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The Pull Start is the best way to start your bike when eliminating your start button from your bars. It mounts easily in under 5 minutes by taking off your existing solenoid cover and replacing it with the new cast pull start cover then bolting up the lever with provided hardware. The housings are billet aluminum then heat treated and the levers are nickel-plated steel.

On '03-down, you may need to reroute the brake line. It fits all Sportsters '93-up with or without sprocket covers. Why a Pull Start?????

The solenoid button is pretty close to the rear head pipe so say after a gas stop when you go to start your bike, you may get a nasty burn from reaching in and pushing. The pull start puts your hand back away from the exhaust and pulls easily with the use of an ancient technology called leverage.