$130.00 - $140.00

Universal Rear Caliper Bracket

Universal Rear Caliper Bracket
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Get better braking and take advantage of the thousands of crotch rockets that have made their way form the showroom to the junk yard.

I mate the same particular front caliper I use on my front brake adapter kits from a Suzuki SV650 or Kawasaki EX650 to a rear brushed 6061 aluminum bracket designed and fabricated in house for your rear wheel. Options: 10", 11-1/2" and
11.80" rotors.

They'll fit most choppers and stock swing arm bikes with a 3/4" axle, Sporty and BT, same bracket either side, just different side caliper. (Sportster order left caliper, Big Twin right, caliper).

Includes hardware, Torque Arm w/ heims and weld-on tab.

For special axle or rotor sizes and questions on fitment, please send email. DOES NOT INCLUDE CALIPER.